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Add Rice and Beans to any Entrée for 1.95
Add a fourth taco for just 1.00



Sandwiches 3.75 4.25 5.95
Chicken/Pork/Beef Brisket
plain / BBQ sauce/ Mango Habanero / Citrus vinaigrette

Tacos 4.95  5.75  6.95  4.50
Chicken/Pork/Beef Brisket /Vegetarian  

Plain / BBQ sauce/ Mango Habanero / Citrus vinaigrette 

choice of Mild Red or Medium Salsa Verde  ***for pork only lettuce or cole slaw***

Macho Nachos  6.95  7.50  7.95
Chicken/Pork/ Beef Brisket
Choice of : BBQ sauce/ Mango Habanero/ Citrus Vinaigrette/Mild red salsa/Medium salsa Verde

Crystal Pistol Sandwich 4.95

Burrito-mild or medium salsa 6.95

Cheese-steak 6.75

Sloppy dawg featuring ¼ lb Hebrew National hot dog 6.95

Tossed  Salad w/chicken & black beans  5.95

(choose mild red, medium salsa verde, citrus vinaigrette or ranch


Sides & Adds   
Small chips & Salsa  Mild red or Medium salsa Verde Plate price *** varies***

Small chips and slaw 

2oz Sour Cream .75   2oz Guacamole   1.75

Nathans all beef hot dog 2.50


10” flour tortilla Pizza 
White Chicken 4.95

Pork 5.75

Beef Brisket 6.50

Vegetarian 4.75

Sauces: BBQ sauce/ Mango-Habanero 

 (for pork, Beef or Vegetarian only)


Apple Burrito 1.95

Drinks  1.00
Lemonade/Sweet Tea/Bottled water